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Postado em 14/01/2019 às 5:14:26 pm

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BLOCO N# 01:

1. Flotsam And Jetsam: Control – Cd. The End Of Chaos
2. Metallica: Leper Messiah (live at Keybank Center – Buffalo USA – 27th Oct 2018)
3. Kadavar: Die Baby Die (live version) – Cd. Live In Copenhagen
4. Primordial: To Hell Or The Hangman – Cd. Exile Amongst The Ruins
5. King Diamond: Arrival (live version) – Dvd. Songs For The Dead Live

BLOCO N# 02:

1. Gamma Bomb: 666 Teen – Cd. Speed Between The Lines
2. Aeturnos: The Sword Of Retribution – Cd. Heathen
3. Unleashed: The Hunt For White Christ – Cd. The Hunt For The White Christ
4. Opeth: Sorceress (live version) – Cd. Garden Of The Titans – Live At Red Rocks Amphitheatre
5. Amon Amarth: Twilight Of The Thunder God – Cd. The Persuit Of Vikings – 25 Years In The Eye Of Storm
6. Memorian: Bleed The Same – Cd. The Silent Vigil

BLOCO N# 03:

1. Artillery: Crossroads Of Conspiracy – Cd. The Face Of Fear
2. Metal Church: Damned If You Do – Cd. Damned If You Do
3. Venom: Bring Out Your Dead – Cd. Storm The Gates
4. Deicide: Defying The Sacred – Cd. Overtures Of Blasphemy
5. UDO: Rising High – CD. Steel Factory
6. Accept: Breaker (live version) – Cd. Symphonic Terror

BLOCO N# 04:

1. Golpe De Estado: Underground (live version) – Cd. Ao Vivo 30 anos!
2. String Breaker And The Stuffbreakers: Acts Of Desperate Men – Cd. A Brick In A Tie
3. Masmorra: Não Quero Mais Sentir – Ep. Masmorra
4. Heaviest: Fire It Up – Cd. The Wall Of Chaos – T
5. Casch: God – Cd. High Level Low Profile

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