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Postado em 24/12/2018 às 11:31:49 am

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BLOCO N# 01:

1. Black Sabbath: Buried Alive – Cd. Dehumanizer
2. Jon Schaffer’s Purgatory: In Your Dreams – Ep. Purgatory
3. Legion Of The Damned – Cd. Slaves Of The Southern Cross
4. Candlemass: The Omega Circle – Cd. The Door To Doom
5. Nightrage: By Darkness Drawl – Cd. By Darkness Drawl

BLOCO N# 02:

1. Iron Maiden: Sign Of The Cross – Cd. The X Factor
2. Living Louder: Sweet Spot – Cd. Corsair
3. Overkill: Last Man Standing – Cd. The Wings Of War
4. Malevolent Creation: Decimated – Cd. The 13th Beast
5. Faces Of Death: Fucking Human Gods – Cd. From Hell

BLOCO N# 03:

1. Anvil: Ego – Cd. Pounding The Pavement
2. Corrosion Of Conformity: The Luddite
3. Saxon: Predator – Cd. Thunderbolt
4. Judas Priest: Evil Never Dies – Cd. Firepower
5. Blitzkrieg: Angels Or Demons
6. Dee Snider: Become The Storm – Cd. For The Love Of Metal

BLOCO N# 04:

1. Avantasia: The Raven Child – Cd. Moonglow
2. Deadland Ritual: Down In Flames (single 2018)
3. Anthrax: Caught In A Mosh (live version) – Dvd. Kings Among Scotland
4. Anthrax: Mad House (live version) – Dvd. Kings Among Scotland

Os ganhadores de kits de Natal do Backstage foram notificados via e-mail com demais informações de como retirar os mesmos.

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