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Postado em 07/01/2019 às 10:46:28 am

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BLOCO N# 01:

1. Carnal Forge: Reforged – Cd. Gun To The Mouth Salvation
2. Protector: Three Legions
3. King Diamond: Sleepless Nights (live version ) – Dvd. Songs For The Dead
4. Black Sabbath: The Illusion Of Power – Cd. Forbidden
5. Black Sabbath: Kiss Of Death – Cd. Forbidden

BLOCO N# 02:

1. Ace Frehley: Rockin’ With The Boys – Cd. Spaceman
2. The Skull: As The Sun Draws Near – Cd. The Endless Road Turn Dark
3. Grave Digger: Fear Of The Living Dead – Cd. The Living Dead
4. Uriah Heep: Grazed By Heaven – Cd. Living The Dream
5. VoiVod: Iconspiracy – Cd. The Wake
6. Soulfly: Evil Empowered – Cd. Ritual

BLOCO N# 03:

1. Black Label Society: Room Of Nightmares – Cd. The Grimmest Hits
2. The Sword: Deadly Nightshade – Cd. Used Future
3. Lucifer: Evening Wind – Cd. Lucifer II
4. Orange Goblin: The Wolf Bites Back – Cd. The Wolf Bites Back
5. Primal Fear: Hounds Of Justice – Cd. Apocalypse
6. Metal Allegiance: Mother Of Sin – Cd. Volume II – Power Drunk Majesty

BLOCO N# 04:

1. Angra: insania – Cd. Omni
2. Krisiun: Devouring Faith – Cd. Scourge Of The Enthroned
3. Faces Of Death: I Am The Face Of Death – Cd. From Hell
4. Venomous: Penitence – Single: Penitence
5. Baranga: Motor Vermelho – Cd. Motor Vermelho

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